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Old 07-25-2004, 08:38 PM   #1
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1991 Ford Probe air conditioner broken...

I bought my 1991 Ford Probe used from a friend of my fathers and the air conditioner has never worked. A friend looked into it for me a few years ago and told me that the whole core needed to be replaced and would cost about $800.00. I lived in michigan at the time so having air conditioning wasn't really a big deal. Well since then I've moved to Savannah, Georgia and the temperature lately has been around 98 degrees.

My father recently came down to fix several problems with my car and he tried manually starting the a/c system and found that it DOES work so he added some freon to it to see if that would help. The A/C turns on, but still no cold air comes through the vents. Any clues?
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Old 08-26-2005, 06:00 AM   #2
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Not sure if you are still looking at this, as I am responding a while after you posted. Basically, for your A/C you have to check a few things. First check if the clutch on your A/C is engaging when you turn it on. Usually you will hear it click, or you can simply idle the car and watch the pulley while someone turns it on. You should notice a wheel lock into place and start spinning.
If that works fine then you need to see whether your system is charged up properly and not contaminated. Follow your A/C lines around your compartment and look for a connector with a tiny glass window. I hope it is actually there on a Probe, I haven't actually looked myself. This window is there to show you what is going on with your coolant. Check it with the A/C on and off. If there are bubbles then you have a problem that may be leak related, I would take it in from this point but then I just hate trying to patch these things. Also check the temperature of these lines coming out of the compressor. If they are cold, all is well. If they are hot then your A/C is overcharged.
Now if that still isn't it, then move on to the blower. I should have asked this at the start but is there air blowing out at all when you turn your heater, vent or a/c on? If not then you have to check some things out there. Namely the relay, the resistor/amplifier, the blower motor itself or an innocent little fuse (some cars have 2 in this circuit so check and make sure). If you have some skill with wiring you can check these things yourself. I would listen/feel for a click in the relay. If it doesn't click then that may be the issue. The blower you can simply wire in somewhere (safely please) and see if it spins. The resistor can be bypassed, this would cause your blower to run on high all the time. You probably shouldn't leave it like that but it is a simple way to check.
Lastly, or first off depending on what you find, check the vents themselves. Some cars have filters in the ductwork above the blower that can get gunked up. Also the ducts have a nasty habit of moving around and blocking themselves.
Well that is likely far more that you ever wanted to know or hear, but that is what I go through when I check air controls on a car. Good luck, I know very well how much life can suck without a/c. Got up to 108 here a week ago.
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