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Originally Posted by x0dyssey
ok DSMer you are an idiot....

lets get this clear. SRs are good Drag motors all in how you set it up. the gearing in the SR tranny and the KA tranny are the SAME! as for prices of swaps form a show your looking at around 4800 for a full SR swap custom AC FMIC FUEL PUMP and AUTO -> Manual Swap... Black Top S13 SR20DET....

RB20 is about 1k less for the same thing...

KA-T is a verry good motor, but for some nice power you wnat a lower mileage motor.. so usualy the stock KA is not a good choice. Yes 3k for a greddy Turbo kits nets you about 250 WHP but thats onyl on 7psi.

Now the SR stock i belive is 7-10 psi for around 190 WHP...

KA is 9.5-1 appx
SR is 8.5 or 9 to i dont know off the top of my head right now

so the SR can handle more Boos Stock, there fore the cost of Upgrading the KA wiht interanals to handle more boost Is more by about 2k dollars. BUt by then you ahve already spent 6k and can fianly handle 20psi for the ka and a nice 450 whp appx.

The Sr is just popular right now becuse it is easy. both to do and to get parts.

Either motor is good it just depends on your purpose and tunning options.
and as always how much money do you want to spend for the power you are looking for.

You're telling me this because? I allready know well more than you've explained. Your theory is very rice based, and your prices are wildy distorted. I have the reciepts and the bruised knuckles from this area or motors. I don't need someone of your stature to tell me why and how I should do etc...

...Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid...
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