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1993 Nissan Altima GXE stalling and loss of power


Hope to get some help here. Here's what I posted today on another board:

acceleration and idle problems

I have been reading threads about altima idle problems. Mine had the same for about 2-3 months. Randonly it would stall and misfire at any speed, then shut down if I stop accelerating. Very sluggish most of the time but not always. Out of muffles black specks would come out. I am running out of ideas what to fix. But it seems to be a distributor.

Here is the detailed list what I tried to do in the last 2 months:

I was driving one day on the highway and all of a sudden a felt a loss of power and could smell something burnt. Later on that night the car would stall and shut down.

First I saw some oil in the distributor cap. So I took the car to the shop. The replaced the distributor with the refurbished one and an oxygen sensor. One day later the problem came back.

I also took it to another shop to replace PCV valve which didn't help at all.

Then I took it to Nissan dealer and they replaced an injector for way too much money. One day later all problems came back. I found oil in the distributor again. They refused to give me my money back since when I brought the car back, there where no signs of stalling. They also told me that injector had a problem but it wasn't the only problem and they are not responsible for other problems.

Then I ordered a used Hitachi distributor with Nissan cap, rotor and NGK wires from ebay. The distributor was sitting very well in the hole. So I thought the problem would be fixed. After driving for about an hour, the problems came back. I couldn't let car idle. Very slugish most of the time but not always.

The distributor is loose in the hole which means that oil is coming through again. Not that much oil but I can see it is on the side of the cap, but not on the distributor plate.

When I take the distributor out, there is always oil coming out of the hole where distributor goes. I am not sure if it is normal or not. Should so much oil be there?

Also tried to replace Ignition Module (Power Transistor) since I heard itis a common problem with Altimas. No luck at all. Also changes oil a couple times. Replaced Bosch Platinum plugs with NGK plugs just in case.

Today I took the cylinder head to see how the oil get inside distributor. There is a hole inside that will let oil come inside distributor.

I hope to get some help here

Take care,

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I didn't notice any oil on the valve cover. Oil is coming underneath the distributor in very small ammounts. I am not even sure it is the only problem.

As goes for the first mechanic. I do not have a receipt since it was more of a friendly help for a low price. I've learned my lesson.

Today, 03:24 AM
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Actually it looks like it is coming through actual distributor. Hard to tell.

A few weeks ago before changing injector and PCV valve I also tried to install a new distributor I bought in Autozone. The problem remained.

It's really driving me crazy.

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