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Just like my Camry... it has only 133 hp, but I still like it just because it can be fun... its not always about Hp, it is about whether you like it or not.

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Originally Posted by nitehawk
okey, ,i need a list of cars that i can buy for under 8000 being my first car. it has got to be a 5 to 6 speed manual.. rear wheel drive..6 cyl is nice but 4 banger is long as i can put a body kit on it..and make it run fast and add on to it as i get more money.. no later model then a 91 main focous is on or around 95 model..i have looked at the nissan 240sx..but i would like to know others so ..all imput is greatly appreciated

The 240SX is your best choice, I've read over most of the replies and couldn't beleive a few, but here's my synopsis on the 3000GT (which seems to be your main choice next to the 240SX.

3000GT SL is FWD, 3300-3400lbs and has only 222hp. Which means you're going to be dragging around a lot, and modifying a nearly 3400lb FWD car is absolutely going to get you nowhere.

The 3000GT VR4 can easily be found for under $8k, even where I live in Atlanta (where everything is marked up). Only thing is, you will probably only be able to find the 1g (up to 1993) VR4 for under $8k. You MIGHT MIGHT be able to come across a 94 VR4 for $8k but chances are something is wrong with it at that price and I wouldn't set your heart on a 1g VR4 simply because they have big-time power transfer problems with the tranny and axles.

The 240SX is a good car and you can easily find a S14 for udner $8k. I'd go with a 95-96 or so 240SX for about $4.5k-$5k and drop in a SR20DET with the money left over, cant go wrong with a 205hp RWD 2750lb car (and thats where it starts, power potential is gigantic w/ the SR20DET).

Another car to consider would be an N/A Z32 (90-95) 300ZX. These are basically the same thing as the 3000GT (specs wise) but are RWD. You can easily find an N/A 93-95 for $6k-$8k and again the power potential is there with the VG30DE (same engine as the turbo model less the turbos).

All up to you.

Just to add one more option in here a 94-97 LT1 Camaro (Z/28 or SS) is also in that price range and can be made extremely fast as well.
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