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blown engine 180sx

I blew up my engine in my 180sx and am considering my options.
I dont want to poor much more money into it.
These are the mods already on it: 180sx 1992 red top sr20det

3 inch exhaust all the way through
blow off valve
turbo timer
large bar and plate front mount intercoolor
latest mtx8 microteck programmable computer
coil over suspension
new fuel pump
malpassi fuel preasure regulator

My engine and turbo blew up the other day so I have to either fix it or replace it.

The shop I take my car too has given me these options.

Replace the engine with another old engine for $4,000 ($2200 for engine, rest fitting)
Rebuilt the old engine with new parts including new bearing, forged pistons, machining etc. $7,800 with an old turbo.
Rebuild + New turbo for total $14,000.

The car ows me $14,500 so $14,000 for a new engine and turbo is out of the question.

I don't want to put another old engine in it and have it blow up again and be up for another $4,000.

I am considering pulling the engine apart myself and fixing it but I know nothing about mechanics, although I have a garage where I can fix it.

The mechanics said that it looks like the 2 middle pistons have melted and the turbo has blown up. The car was still drivable but blowing black smke and running like it was running on 2 cylinders.

The mechanics say they cannot just replace the broken parts and they have the replace everything and machine the entire engine because the engine wont fit back together again properly. So it seems just replacing the pistons is out of the question.

If I did save up the $14,000 to get it fixed and the car got stolen I would not get anything near that back.

So this is my dilema.

I got the car in Japan (without the new computer, intercooler, fuel pump & regulator, blow off valve) for $2,500. It cost another $2,500 to import it, another $2,500 to panelbeat it and paint it, another $2,000 to comply it plus the $4,500 for the new parts. So it ows me about $14,000 already.

Any ideas??
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