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Car Tatoos And Jewelry

What does everyone think of the following -
Chrome effect wheels, carbon fibre hoods, black hoods, black roofs, ‘street racer’ style spoilers with aluminium legs, race stripes, alternative coloured bonnet bulges on muscle cars, Japanese accent stickers along the sides of cars, ‘flaming’, ‘flipped’ pearlescent paint jobs etc?
I think that chrome effect wheels go with flipped paint jobs. If I were to spend the money on a three-colour flipped cocktail, I’d go for something along the lines of peppermint blue, violet pearl and silver. Orange and yellow should also work but it wouldn’t be my preference. I’m not into the carbon fibre look but I only think it’s bad when it’s fake. Street racer style spoilers have grown on me so long that the actual shelf is colour coded and not carbon fibre of brushed aluminium. Fake hood clips and fuel filler cap covers are tacky. Even authentic hood clips are pretentious on road cars. I think that loud colours are okay but I’d only go for bright blue with white wheels. Black roofs are meant to make cars look bigger inside but I don’t like them or soft tops. Alternative colour bonnet bulges on muscle cars look better than plain black hoods although if they have writing on them that matches the rest of the paintwork, it gives more contrast.
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