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Old 01-17-2005, 07:07 PM   #1
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Geo Prizm returned with NO oil!

This is actually a problem with my sister's car. Her husband bought her a new car for her birthday and he started to drive her old car, a 1994 Geo Prizm in very good condition. The car was originally my father's and was extremely well taken car of. It has never had any problem except for normal wear and tear problems like needing new brake pads, new tires, etc. Three and a half months later her husband decided to divorce her and take the new car, giving her the Prizm back. He gave it to her two days ago.

Last night I got into her car with her and noticed a few miles down the road that her oil light was flashing. We drove back home and my father checked the oil. The dipstick was dry. He put new oil into the car and said that the car had no oil in it. I believe he said he put in 3 quarts and it is supposed to hold 3.2 quarts? He let the car run out in the driveway for quite some time and there were no oil leaks and no burning oil from what he could tell. Today he used the car at his job where he drove 90+ miles and made several stops where the car was turned off, sitting in parking lots. He said no oil dripped or burned from what he could tell.

So my questions are -

What kind of damage could have been done to the engine and should it be checked out by a licensed mechanic before driving around in it?

How could something like this happen? With no obvious oil leaks present could the oil simply disappear from the car within the 3 1/2 months her husband had the car? Or is it more likely that this was done on purpose?

Could a mechanic tell what caused this oil to disappear?

Was this car really dangerous to drive around in? What could happen to a car being driven around with no oil? Like I said, my sister drove it around for two days not knowing what the oil light meant. (I know, I know... she should have known or asked someone, but she said she though it only meant that the oil needed to be changed...duh!) I would really hate to think that this idiot drained the oil and she (or myself) could have ended up being killed.

Added bit of evidence: after letting the car run for awhile after the oil was added the inside of the windows fogged up. On the windows was written several obscene words and pictures that I won't repeat here. Trust me, they were *very* obscene!
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Old 01-17-2005, 07:46 PM   #2
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so it burns oil... Big damn deal, replace the valve cover gasket and the filters and just move on... If you don't put oil in it she will seize up something fierce. the end. Quit yer worryin'.
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