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LED lighting

I'm considering using LED lighting as opposed to standard bulb-domelight-dealie. From what I know, the dome is 12vdc. I found a site where I can obtain a lot of 12vdc LED's and a dimmer. I chose the domelight simply because it turns off when the car does (unless left on manually, of course) so they don't draw juice like anything hard-wired normally would. This is my plan:

1. Rip out upper ceiling area (including dome-light and plastic for it), and cut a large square or rectangle in the fabric.

2. I'd put cables from the dome-power down to the dash where the dimmer would be installed, then run the wires back up to the ceilling, where there'd be a linear string of about 30 LED's. (composed into a grid pattern over the hole)

3. Replace fabric and insert a semi-transparent plastic into the hole cut out so as to backlight it w/ the LEDs.

Voila, a soft-lit colored interior lighting. My questions really are concerning the power and wiring. 1. How many LED's do you think could be safely strung from the dome-light connection w/o any power issues? I know this depends on their draw, but if I remember right they were about 30milliamps each. 2. How many LED's do you think it'd take to adequately cover the roof of a small car? I just want them spaced evenly and far enough apart (and yet close enough together) so to make it seem like 1 soft light, as opposed to where you can see them individually.

Any ideas/commentions/anything, please =)

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One of the ads that appears at the top of this page has an LED link. It is:
They have some good info and some other links to pages with even more info. Hope they help.
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