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‘94 Saab 9000 Radio Problems

Alright, first off I really do not know much about cars at all so here it goes: the problem is that my radio in my ‘94 Saab 9000 has just stopped working (it is the stock radio, whatever came with the car I'm not sure on the manufacturer of it). What I mean by it not working is that it no longer turns on, not playing cassette tapes, CD's, or the radio. About four months ago the car was in a small accident where it was backed into a phone pole and the radio just "flew" out of where it is mounted (I wasn't there so I'm not to sure on details). After that the radio was simply placed right back into its spot, and worked perfectly. Just two months ago the antenna was ripped out of the car, but I don't think this would have an effect on the radio itself. The radio still worked fine, playing CD's and listening to radio stations (some static without the antenna though).

Just last week I was driving the car, radio playing and no problems, I came to a stop sign and had to turn right, just as I hit the gas from a complete stop the radio turned itself off. The lights on all of the buttons and display are still lit (although the display doesn't show anything, just the background light is on). I'm not experiencing any other problems with the car everything electronic is working fine (as far as I can tell). I have replaced the two fuses that are labeled to have something to do with the radio but that has not done anything. I have tried playing CD's and tapes but neither work (when I insert the CD's it wont "pull" it in like it usually does as you place it into the CD slot, but if it is shoved in there and the eject button is pushed it slides right out).

Basically I just don't know what to do. Could this be a simple wiring problem, a loose wire perhaps maybe "fell" out as the car jerked forward when I hit the gas? Should I just purchase a new radio for my car? If you need any more information please post what you need and I’ll try to figure it all out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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Check the simple stuff first - pull the radio out and make sure all the cables are attached properly at the back.

My immediate thought was that you'd just lost power, but then you said the lights were still on. This could mean that it's an internal problem within the unit. It will have both permanent power and ignition power though, so check that you've still got both attached at the back of the unit.

If all cables look to be attached, try turning it on while it's out and fiddle with all the wires at the back - that way if it's just a broken wire or dodgy connection then it might try to flicker on.

That'd be my first step before looking for something more sinister.
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