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Hi, i have a 1964 chevy malibu i got a few weeks ago. It is a 4 dr inline six, runs pretty dang good and is all original. My question is this, how many ci's is the motor is and what is the hp rating? thanks.

posted by  Chevy seeker

I figured the size of the engine would be written on the engine, but I believe it was a 283 cdi engine, but not sure about the hp...

posted by  chris_knows

Hi, The old inline six's were 230cu in , the 283 was a V8, have a good day Slimone

posted by  Slimone

My bad, I was thinking of the 8 cylinder :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

Read your original thread about this car and you'll find half of your answer. Search (and think) is a wonderful thing.

You're half right, would you like to try to improve on that?

posted by  vwhobo

Hi VWHOBO, Well you are makeing me have to dig up my old book ,not that I mind ,was going from memory about the 230ci , because back in those days I had one with a six for about a day ,went to 327 in it after first day of owning it . Now they had a 194cu in an a 230 cu in six cly.194 was 120 hp an the 230 was 140 hp an it says there was a 230cu in with 155hp , so now if that doesn't answer the man's question to your sadisfaction ,OH Well . Have a great day Slimone :2cents:

posted by  Slimone

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