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Hey guys, I'm just looking for opinions on a few cars. I'm looking for a new car..and I have two that are worthy of buying. a 90 Mustang, some tastful mods..pretty nice looking for 4,500 obo, or a 68 Tempest (350, head work and cams)...Needs a little work here and there but a pretty sharp car. 5,300 for that. I just wonder what everyone thinks about them two. I'm looking for some pretty quite replies so hopfully someone can help me out. Thanks!

posted by  68Tempest

I'm guessing this Mustang is a GT..?

Personally I'd have to go with the Tempest, but mostly because I'm a fan of the older cars. I don't know for sure, but I think the Mustang would probably be alittle cheaper/easier to find anything you needed though. Really it comes down to what you like more.

posted by  car_crazy89

Yes sorry, mustang GT. Seems like an awful low price to me for a foxbody mustang with 68K on it.

posted by  68Tempest

68k on the odometer, on the car itself more like 168k, none-the-less still a good buy depending on the mods, body shape etc. These cars can last a long time maintained properly, even as old as they are, I know I own one and have known many other people who have owned them. If you have any questions specifically about them pm me and I'll try to answer your questions.

posted by  Pythias

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