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I know little about classic cars. I am trying to sell a 1963 impala for my uncle. It is all original but i am having trouble proving it. Is there someone I can take it to who can document its originality. Also how should I sell it? I was thinking Ebay. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks -If anyone is interested I have many pics

posted by  jimijoe

For the most part all original cars speak for themselves...If someone knows what they are looking at they can tell the difference. I wouldn't worry to much about trying to prove its original status...What form of originality are you trying to prove? mileage, un-restored, etc?

As for selling it I would first try your local free classifieds..around here they are called "IWANNA" & "Trading Post"...Another good place is Craig's List...and as a last resort go EBAY....the fees are a little high...but, unless you find at least 2 people wanting your car...it may not bring what you want.

posted by  corbett_auto

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