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ok well if your like me ( amidst your 30s- early 40s ) then odder where you where eather born right as the pony races where starting cooling down dew to epa and insurance and in like the 80s.. early 90s you could flip open a auto trader/ drive down the block.... ect ect ect... and find a rust old 60-70 somethin mustang charger cuda and dare i say it camaro for under a grand if it ididnt run or ya could jew them down but then.... over time cars being sent to a crusher ect ect.... they be came slightly more rare like all old things but you could still pick one up for under 10 grand but now with the beret jackson and the ebay and the internet in genral every one seams to think that there pile of rust with no motor is worth 6 grand or more!
what the hell

witch takes the fun and joy of a resto out of average joes hands and puts it in the hands of some rich ass thats gonna just send it out to be restored or is gonna put some little rice burning motor in it

the cars we love are turning in to museum junk!

if you have to put gloves on every time you touch your car its no longer a car if you dont drive it every day its no longer a car!

so tell me to you agree or not?

posted by  chillmiller

I couldn't disagree more. There are tons of cars out there for just a few grand. The biggest problem is most people are build a classic car to be different.... and they go out and look for the same car that everyone else is building. The best example is the 69 Camaro. Don't get me wrong this is a great car, but way over valued.

Here are a few examples from a local paper:

All of these sound like cars the average guy could afford and don't seem to far gone and could most likely be completed in your garage at home.....

I've been involved in a few high end resto/custom jobs. Some in excess of $100k and each one was built to drive, some as a true daily drivers, actually driven everyday to work.

The trick is not to follow the crowd, but rather follow your heart and build something that means something to you.

posted by  corbett_auto

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