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I was just in the city to day, parked my car in the parking complex and when I returned there was this strange new car parked near me. So I wipped out my trust camera phone and got snapping. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I really think everything about this car looks like melted ass

aside from the direct front view

weird for you to randomly see one though

posted by  nighthawk

lucky people that dont live in the states...we either dont get these cars at all, or when we do get them they are watered down like so much cheap beer and wine....the only one i can really remember that had the same powerplant was the 00 and 01 integra type R....THATS IT..everything else we get seems like it lost a testicle on the way to the dealer

posted by  newyorker

thats not even on all i see on there is the 4door type r... which is sexy by the way..., il have to look again for the hatch

posted by  mazda6man


posted by  GreekWarrior

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