List of Japanese cars with fender-mounted rear view mirrors?

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I'm looking for a list of Japanese cars that have fender-mounted rear view mirrors, since I'm really interested in them. The only car I know to have them is the 1970 Datsun 240ZG (BTW, does this car tend to be reliable, and are parts hard to find for it?), can anybody help me name some other ones?

And while I'm at it, can somebody tell me the reliability of the 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, and 280ZX (like how often does something need repair, how much does repair cost compared to other cars, how it performs at high mileage, etc), along with mpg for them?

posted by  magus57

Japanese regulations required fender mount mirrors prior to the mid '80s, so ALL older Japanese cars had them in Japan, though rarely did they have them outside of japan.

posted by  ChrisV

Some more...

posted by  ChrisV

:screwy: Do they minimize the blind spots or what?

posted by  jedimario

Something to do with all Japanese people being short, I'm sure.

posted by  PontiacFan27

You no you can just mount them yourself....

posted by  cake872

The requirement is that they be visible through the front windshield in the area cleared by the wipers so that they remain visible regardless. They tend to be rather large, too, due to their distance from the driver. They have less blind spots, but are harder to actually see out of due to the distance from the driver.

posted by  ChrisV

Thanks. Does anybody know where I can find some mirrors for fender/hood mounting? Because when I get a Datsun, I want to make them fender/hood mounted and make it look like the earliest 240Z.

posted by  magus57

I have those mirrors. They are around $250 if you want authentic versions. I got knock offs for around $100 and am modifying them using fiberglass and such to make them look authentic.

As for the reliability of the S30 and the S130. They were both pretty good from what I hear. The big issues usually revolve aorund the fuel system. SU carbs were a pain, and the 280zx EFI was limiting (although reliable I do believe). The early Z cars also happened to have the diff mounted a bit forward, this is ideal in many respects for handling and power delivery, but at the same time the U-Joints could not cope due to excessive angle. Later 240z's had the diff mounted inline with the stub axles too correct this.

Parts are cheap for all pre Z32 cars. High mileage is very depenant on how the vehicle was kept, thus I can't comment. MPG for an S30 is around 25-30 freeway. Depends again on emissions equipment, if your lucky and have a 5-speed (unlikely), and what bumpers/series your car is. Performance for the early 240z's is what you would expect from a 130hp car that weighs ~2350lbs. 0-60 in 7.8 was the best the got, but that was on 70's tires. Later 240z's are more around 2450lbs, so they perform worse. 280zx never caught up to the 240z straightline speed wise until the introduction of the Turbo model. Hope that helps.

posted by  rudypoochris

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