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Exospeed race header and ss auto chrome test pipe

Custom exhaust will be made soon, and I have a twin loop muffler to top it all excited

some holiday gifts for my baby ;)

posted by  newyorker

I thought you already had a "custom" exhaust fitted? :hi:

I am also a tad confused, why are you still adding bits to a car you want rid of?

posted by  Cliffy

its too bad stock honda exhaust manifolds perform almost exactly as good as usual aftermarket ones, but you'll probably notice a slight power change

along with a change in sound

merry christmas...

posted by  nighthawk

I thought your next mod was the new engine...

posted by  Mathew

No, the next thing he'll be trying to figure out why it keeps throwing cat efficiency codes, so his next "mod" will be a piece of black electrical tape to cover the MIL. Dumbass.

posted by  vwhobo

This is just to keep me entertained while other bigger things await execution. Also snagged some 2.25 diameter piping for my car...already with hangers nad everything just need muffler welded on il have pix of it all tomorrow in my driveway

posted by  newyorker

That doesn't fit on the K20A, does it?

Also, is this a twin-loop muffler? jpg

What's the point of that?

posted by  chris_knows

Il be able to use the exhaust for the k20 just not the header and test pipe but it can be modded to fit. twin loop mufflers

exhaust gas goes through twice

A. quieter cause it...goes through twice
B. dont lose as much backpressure compared to an N1 muffler
C. JDM lol

It was originally developed by Mugen and is now being replicated by Netami(as you pictured), OBX (what i have) and others...mugen twin loop muffler is ~500 dollars for authentic, OBX is 95 new...I got mine for nothing

posted by  newyorker

The guy who sold me this showed me dyno sheets from before and after he knew the guy at the stop and they did it for fun


103whp is low to say the least, but a gain of almost 10%whp will be noticable, and if i decide to get an intake on there again, that should be good for another 3-4whp

Also, I am ordering Sparco Grip pedals. Since the pedal assembly on my civic and RSX is the same Il be able to use them with the swap, so another little treat

posted by  newyorker

Why buy more parts to hold you over until the swap when you could buy the pieces that are needed for that swap? A 10% horsepower gain isn't really gonna do much either. It may be noticeable but not much.

posted by  Spanky2324

Considering that it all cost me 75 dollars combined, I think its a great deal. Il be able to reuse the exhaust piping for the K swap althoug it will have to be cut a bit cause the K20 has the header in the back of the motor unlike my car having it in the front. Either way for 75 for a full exhaust you cant beat that deal. Hell I can resell the header the test pipe for 2x that ammount when I get done using them

posted by  newyorker

Alright here goes....

you may notice in the garage a pipe and second muffler. the exhaust is designed for dual canisters (you will see in future pix). I have no intent for running duals, so the axleback will be cut before the pipe split, and the muffler to the left of the system in the driveway (twin loop) will be put on
get head-er. HP racing makes a single piece header just like this. The only difference is that its chrome finished, this one is ceramic coated
test pipe
2.25 inch mid pipe
rear section...right before that little fork is for the second muffler, its gona get cut off and extended as needed for the twin loop
Twin loop

posted by  newyorker

This "twin loop" boggles my mid. How exactly does more curves decrease backpressure?

posted by  giant016

no no it retains backpressure you dont lose it like you would with an N1 muffler

posted by  newyorker

Two questions:
-Why would you want backpressure (genuinely curious, because I always thought it was better to let all of the exhaust gases out).
-Why couldn't a standard muffler create backpressure just by making the pipe thinner or something?

Shouldn't it be called just a "loop muffler", since there is only one loop?

posted by  chris_knows

1. backpressure is an essential part of N/A motors. put a 3 inch exhaust on my car now, it will be slower. Put a 3 inch exhaust on my car WITH a turbo kit, and it will be fine. All of the gasses will still get out.

2. well for one I know a few guys that have full exhaust systems with N1 mufflers. when they run them open, the cars sometimes feel kinda sluggish. when they put the silencers in, the cars feel more peppy and responsive

I think its called a twin loop cause exhaust gas goes through the muffler TWICE

here you go chris, some info

Backpressure is basically some sort of restriction on the air volume/exhaust coming out. A good exhaust system has the right amount of backpressure. Imagine if nobody ran an exhaust system- everyone’s car would be super loud and also yield more performance right? Wrong- they would actually loose power due to no back pressure- that’s why exhausts are important tricky little bastards.

With more backpressure, you’ll have better bottom end (this means you’ll be able to accelerate better at low RPM’s). More bottom end is best if your staying away from the track and the strip and not driving like an idiot, or if you just want good fuel efficiency why driving in the city driving.
With less backpressure you sacrifice bottom end for top end power. This is best if your on the track most of the time. This is best if your on the track most of the time and need power at high RPM’s.

posted by  newyorker

you really said a lot while saying nothing there...

time to change your sig...:banghead:

posted by  dodger65

Hows that...wait I know it makes it easier for you to talk shit, scumbag

posted by  newyorker

how is your car done if you are f*cking w/ it all the time? it's evidently not... retard...

posted by  dodger65

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