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Following, are a few rules & regulations. These Rules are in place to ensure a nice relaxed environment is in practice at all times. They are not here to threaten or push anybody away from CF, instead, to make you all feel welcome. As long as we all abide by these regulations we wont have any problems, thank you all for taking the time to read them.

Before starting a new thread, search first to check that the thread you are about to start hasn't already been written.

Please consider an appropriate Forum before posting your topic, there is a brief description on the Forum index under each board, of what can be posted.

Please chose a meaningfull title for your thread, one that in some way reflects it's content.

Post your questions only once, please dont cross post between forums, doing so will result in all but one thread being deleted by a Moderator.

Please dont leave the forum straight after receiveng an answer to a question you initially joined to ask, stick around, you might like it!

Please refrain from using bad language, the censor is in place to block out foul language, that does not however mean you should test it out.

Racist or hostile behaviour will not be tolerated anywhere on the forums, please treat others as you, yourself wish to be treated.

Explicit or any form of pornographic, indecent material is prohibited in all areas of CF, If any such material is descovered, disciplinary action may be carried out.

The advertising of your website or Forums is strictly prohibited and will not be tolorated, take note that if a thread is discovered to contain any evidence of advertising, said advert will be removed without notice, however innocent it appears. If you are simply wishing to display infomation which is contained within a website which may be classed as an advertisment, ie; if a forum is contained in it, please copy/paste the information to your post. If you are unsure if a website you wish to display falls in the advertising catagory, feel free to PM any Moderator who will be glad to help. If you are wanting to advertise on behalf of a comapny or business, please contact the adminstrator (unfedfat) via PM or email and he will inform you appropriatelly.

Moderators reserve the right to edit/move or close any post/thread as they feel is necessary, and as instructed by the Site Admin. If a thread or post of yours has been subject to any of the above and you cant see why, please PM a Moderator whom will advise you. Please refrain from constantly starting new threads regarding this, as it only ends in yet another locked topic!

Multiple user accounts are not acceptable, any members seen to be flaunting this rule will find one of their accounts being deleted or banned, the account that is deleted/banned is done so at the deleting Moderators' descretion (either account may be deleted/banned) and the member in question may not be advised about his/her account being terminated.

Please note that although after reaching 500 posts you may change your user title to one that reflects your personality etc, using this feature to display such titles as "Banned" "Moderator" or "Administrator" is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will lead to action being taken against such individuals.

That's just about it, above all, have fun and enjoy yourselves! If you have any queries regarding these rules, please contact a Moderator, our names are listed under 'Forum Leaders' towards the bottom of the Forum index page.

posted by  Cliffy

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