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I'm selling my car and want to know if anybody is intrested in buying a car for somebody or for themselves. It's a 2000 Toyota Solara SE Coupe the front end needs repairing, but is still in well running condition. It has 128,000 miles on it leather interior, wood trimming, automatic, a/c, cd/tape player, huge trunk space and oil changes have been kept up every 5ooo miles from the Toyota dealership. The car was also purchased at the dealership and is a certified car. If you know anybody that wants to buy there kid a car or for themselves your help would be greatly appreciated! I'm selling it for $5500-$6500. If you want to see pictures I can send them to you.


posted by  lifecode1

I'll move this, it'll receive more input in the Marketplace!

posted by  Cliffy

is the car still for sale?
if so, i'm interested and would like to see any pictures you have available.

thanks Joseph.

posted by  wkp831

I doubt it's still for sale, this thread is over a year old....Plus, the poster has only posted once and hasn't returned since...:ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

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