For Sale: T25 Turbo from a second gen Eclipse

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There were 51,000 miles on the car that it was taken off of. I’d like to get $100 if I can but will negotiate. I think its worth that considering the shape it’s in. Will also negotiate a trade for a T3. Both wheels seem to be in great shape and there is practically no shaft play. My only problem with this turbo is that it won't fit my T3 manifold.

posted by  TurboT-Bird

how are the seals?? closeup of impellar blades?? what is the wastegate set at?? I might grab this for work...where are u located?

posted by  newyorker

I honestly don't know how the seals are but everything seams fine and like I said it only has about 50'000 miles so it shouldn't need a rebuild any time soon. I'm also not sure what the wastegate is set at but I'll try to find out on the Mitsubishi forum. Here are a few more pics.

Not to be nosey but what would your work need a turbo for?
Troy, Missouri 63379

posted by  TurboT-Bird

Its a little project we may be working on, I gota talk to them and see if a t25 would it set at stock boost?? if so I dont need the setting number

posted by  newyorker

yeah its stock

posted by  TurboT-Bird

Do you still have this turbo, how bout 100$ shipped to michigan?


posted by  teamdarkness

^^i have the same one but it needs a rebuild

seals are blown
impellar blades slightly bent

Il do 60 shipped

stil has the wastegate on it set at stock setting

posted by  newyorker

I could probably do that depending on how much it cost to ship.

posted by  TurboT-Bird

I would like this turbo for my son's 99 eclipse. Can you please email me at ASAP! I will pay for shipping costs. Thanks.

posted by  tif-leo

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