1968 Camaro SS 396 L-78 All Original w/ 29000 miles, stock 375hp - MUST SELL

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1968 Camaro SS 396 L-78 All Original w/ 29000 miles, stock 375hp

Introduction –

I am selling this amazing camaro for my brother-in-law which is not very computer literate and has been busy running his family business. He has had the car since 1985 and still doesn’t have the time to restore this car so it must go. He has a good paper trail on this car. You can email me with any questions about it and I will get back to you ASAP. I reserve the right to end the auction early due to the fact it is listed locally as well. You can email me with any questions about it and I will get back to you ASAP. I am not a used car dealer, no bulls*#$ or sugarcoating. I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Also check out all the pictures and you can also arrange a time to come and see it for yourself. I do not expect anyone to be disappointed with this car. (FYI – the car is currently stored in Danbury, CT.)

Brief Car History –

The original (1st) owner used 1st it only to drag race at Dover.

The second (2nd) owner only had it for about a year.

The current (3rd) owner, my brother-in-law purchased car in 1985 with 21000 miles.

The engine was professionally rebuilt in 19__
and I have all the receipts.

It has been in storage the past 22 years –

It has been always registered and passes inspection every year.

There is NO BODY FILLER OR BONDO – Bring your magnets!

NOTHING WAS CUT– the BODY is 100% ORIGINAL – And there is NO RUST !!!

I welcome all serious buyers to come and see it for themselves – This is the REAL DEAL!! This is a real diamond in the rough and a very rare find.

What it is –

• Original miles is 29000 [have DMV paper trail]
• L-78 Package
• Original 396 Motor (Stock 375 HP )
• Engine block cast # 3999290
• Stamp # CE264346
• Intake # 3894374 Off of a 1967 Corvette 3-2 barrel carbs. I have receipts.
• “drag pack” 6 Pack Holley 3*2 Manicall barrels (All 3 barrels have metering blocks)
• Muncie M-21 (4-speed transmission.)
• 12 bolt 456 gear rear
• High Performance rectangular /square port intake heads
• Offenhouser Aluminum. intake
• 100 % Original Green Interior
• All original suspension parts [leaf springs, coil springs, control arms} and disc brake parts [ booster, 2 proportions valves, lines}
• Also has the big block heater core

Almost everything is 100% Original but I listed some additional factory options the car came with below to be clear on what the car has:

• Original AM/FM radio
• Original rally wheels, trim ring and center caps (14*6 wheels)
• Original Green interior
• Original Chrome gauges
• Original stock intake
• Original No Power steering
• Nothing was Cut (All original) & No Body Filler
• Underneath the car is solid

The above is just some of the popular things I thought I would get questions about please ask me if I forgot to list it or something is unclear.

What has been done to it –

New 2005 Bentley Blue stunning paint on all original GM sheet metal camaro was stripped to bear metal and painted [ we have pictures] and receipts. The paint has 5 tones “chameleon” – purple, blue, red, green, yellow.) Depending on how you look at the car and the lighting you see the different shades of colors. This was painted about a year ago.

The camaro will need 4 new tires because they were on it when he purchased it in 1985.

Must Sell ASAP -

I also have alot of extra parts worth over $5,000 - Lets make a deal. This car is worth about $30,000 - times are tough, and I must sell it. Tire kickers stay home.

posted by  camaroman123

hello are there any photos.would like to see.

posted by  riverroad69

Do you have any picture of the said car to post?

posted by  ysabel

He clearly attached 4 pictures...

posted by  chris_knows


The OP states that the first owner used the car for only drag racing. Even if the second owner doubled the mileage in the one year he owned it, that still means that in the 16 years of original ownership he made over 2600 1/4 mile passes per year. Sure he did.

Then check the engine casting number on the block. It was manufactured in 1972, so it's obviously not the original engine. And it's not even a 396. It's a 402. There are more things that seem wrong, but those listed are easily and quickly identified.

This ad has all the traits of a scam to get a deposit out of you and then they'll never be heard from again. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. But something sure doen't add up. Happy buying.

posted by  vwhobo

The main thing that would scare me is the fresh paint. I have NEVER worked on a project car that recent paint was not hiding something very bad. I prefer faded original or an obviously older paint job every time.

posted by  corbett_auto

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