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I'm trying to sell a car and want to know if people would give me some suggested prices. I don't expect to get much due to it's condition. I'd like to sell for about $500. I have someone that wants to buy for $300, but I feel like that might not be a fair price. I know there are alot of issues with this car, but most is just beautification. I've had 3 mechanics look it over and deem it road-worthy. They all said most of the issues are not a concern and/or is not worth the repairs.

I've looked the vehicle up on and it's valued 3rd party at about $800.

Mileage: 300,000 (Estimated)
Engine: 4-Cyl. 1.5 Liter
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Drivetrain: FWD

Known Issues:
-Recent front end accident. Minimal damage caused - front right headlamp and turn light mounts damaged, hood latch damaged.
-Transmission has an estimated life (if used daily) of 6 months.
-Feels as if gears slip during high reving.
-Battery leads should be cleaned possibly replaced.
-Right motor mount slighty loose.
-Minor rips/tears to interior.
-Minor chips/scratches to the paint.
-Minor dings and dents.
-No present rusting.
-Passenger window crank is missing cotter pin.
-No radio (stolen - harness still present).
-No AC. (optional equipment)

1 mechanic (not a reputable shop) said I "should" replace the transmission "in a car that old" at "his" shop. I don't hold much weight in his opinion, but I listed his statement anyway.
3 mechanics stated the motor mount was loose, but isn't loose enough to cause concern and, currently, is not worth the money to have it repaired. That was their "professional" opinion.
1 retired mechanic told me I should replace the battery leads (the cables that attach to the battery), at the least clean them.

Please write me ( with what you would estimate the value at.

posted by  wolfetundra

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