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ill be running this bad boy tomorrow. 74 impala w/ stock 305/350 turbo. leaf sprung ford 9' w 5.50 gears.
the 2 other cars pictured is a 1979 caddy w/ the stock 425 driven by my buddies little 16 year old brother. its his first derby, and my buddies 1988 ford wagon w/ 1/2' plate loaded in the frame. running a built 305/ 350 turbo, leaf sprung ford 9' w/ 5.67 gears. should be fun, ill have after pics sunday.

posted by  adamc44

Nice, want to trade lives till tomarrow :hi: :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Nice but wuts keeping a chunk of metal from going through the radiator besides hopes and dreams?

posted by  sandlercd_22

they better have one hell of a car to get up into my radiator. i have the a arms bolted down, i have 700x15 14 ply forklift tires on the front, as well as one of the toughest front bumpers made. but, it could still happen, thats why i bring a spare rad and a chevy 350 or 305 will run 10 to 20 min without water if you advance the timing on the dist by hand.

posted by  adamc44

I know someone running in one tomorrow, no idea what kinda car though.

Well good luck and hopefully you can win one for the 'Boys (and girls) back at CF!' :thumbs:

Dont forget to take some after shots too :laughing:

posted by  car_crazy89

ever thought about welding rebar or something as a makeshift grill? wow u can change out a radiator that fast.... :clap: took me last night and about n hour today just to get a new water pump put into my car. And im not on a time limit :wink2: .

posted by  sandlercd_22

DAMN! I have always wondered what it must be like to run in a demolition derby!

posted by  StiMan

Me too. Ive done a couple of 4 cyl races out here at our speed ring, but no demolition. Its still pretty fun though. Just a big dirt track with stripped 4 bangers runnning around it. It can get pretty intense.

posted by  SlipKnoT

ended up drawing the 3rd heat as usual. junkers always get in the damn first heat and i get stuck in basically the feature heat lol. lots of hard cars, big 70s buicks and impalas, as well as some tough crown vics. i didnt do bad at all, and was forced to shut my car off by the judges.

here she is loaded up

at the track, the line goes around clear behind where that barn was to the right.
entering the arena

heat just starting, i always sit for a min or so while all the other cars leave me then i follow thier front end

posted by  adamc44
heres where i F'd up. i had already helped my friend out in the black wagon once tonight when he was hung up bad, so i see him hung up on that POS lincoln to the right. its hard to see but the hood is bent up, and his tire is stuck between the bumper and frotn clip of the lincoln, i go to push him and his damn bumper slides over mine. now im hooked. guy in the yellow and green car is trying unsuccessfully get me unhooked. hes also a buddy of mine.

posted by  adamc44

me pushing my friend out. his tranmission line got cut while hung up on the car.
pissed off but ill be back in september. little work with the john deere and shell be ready to go again. frames kinked a little but not bad. ill have to watch the video, but i beleive i got around 8 or 10th in the heat. ill take a few good pics tomorrow of the car in the yard.

posted by  adamc44

:D you my friend, are off tap! :D

posted by  HyundaGuy

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