How Many Of You Saw The Ferrari F1 Moving Front Wing In Malasia???

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I Think Ferrari F1 Should Be Kicked Outa The F1 With Their Vioation!:fu: The Sad Part Is The Fia Doesnt Seem To Care About It And Just Let Em Keep It! Oh Well They've Run Like Sh-- So Far So I Guess It Doesn't Matter Lol!

posted by  3NZO

Out of the F1 are you insane, i think a point deduction maybe but at the end of the day its Ferrari :hi:.

posted by  Ste_1

I dont watch F1 bareley at all, but im gonna go ahead and assume this is about a front wing on a ferrari F1 car that changes shape or angle to acheive the best balance of downforce at slightly lower speeds and less drag when your going faster. :hi:

yeah, its just technology in motion :laughing:

BTW, Ste_1 wtf is up with your sig? lol

posted by  nighthawk

No, it was not attached at one side, and it flapped around:

I'm pretty sure it was the outer left side that was not connected...

posted by  chris_knows

I just found out that im WAY behind on the current F1 fads :laughing:
some complicated shit, I thought they were all roughly like this ndy%20car.JPG

but the front wing is one of the most important parts of the whole car
so Im not suprised theyre starting to look more crazy

posted by  nighthawk

That's an Indy car though, pretty much the same thing, but somehow different lol.

BTW I don't watch F1 either (I will sometimes, but usually I forget, and miss it) but I was lucky to find it a couple of Sundays ago, and they discussed it lol.

posted by  chris_knows

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