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Being the subaru owner that I am, I am really into rally racing. Does anyone else share a passion for this extreme sport?

posted by  Livestrong14

I like it, and try to watch it every chance I get (which believe me isn't easy with NASCAR taking up most of the airtime).:thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

Yeah speed channel blows goats...


And yet, all I get is fricken nascar everytime I turn it on.

posted by  Zalight

You mean NASCAR
I think that rally drivers are some of the best in the world, noone else throws their vehicles around like that. I love it too, but like everyone else said, you can't watch it nearly enough.

posted by  jedimario

Yeaa here in the US, Rally might be introduced into the X-games so we might be able to see it on ESPN :mrgreen:

I love rally by the way, I think they have the most talented drivers (especially the guys that used to drive those old Group B monsters)

posted by  TKBMW

i watch it the very chance i get but ever since Sky Sports pretty much bought all the motor racing shows on normal telly all i see nowadays is the highlights on the sports reviews show

posted by  ahoo

i love it, going to WRC GB this year, hopefully to watch it all this time after what happened last year!!!

posted by  True_Brit

Yeah NASCAR sux...Well not really any racing to me is good. If its Rally, NASCAR, Drifting, European or Drag I dont care I just wish there were more diversity here in the states.

posted by  LatinDubber

what sort of european takes your fancy???

posted by  True_Brit

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