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Now i know that you guys in the states probibly dont follow F1 but its got alot better with the new rules that they have introduced. Will any one be going or watching?

what do you think of F! compared to other forms of racing?

Do you follow F1 yr round?

Indy car or F1??

posted by  cinqyg

Yeah I like to watch Champ Car racing, not all year arround but M.Shoemaker is pretty much all I know about Formula 1 racing..

posted by  DSMer

I follow F1 racing almost all the time thyere was a qualifying today in Indy M.Shumacher is pole sitter.I can Name drivers.
J.P. Montoya(BMW)
Ruebens Barrichello(Ferarri)
David Coultard(McLaren)
back later!

posted by  MOPAR

If ever in montreal for the F1 Check out these guys they rent all kinds of exotic cars.

Ask for Carlo

posted by  Wow100

Montoya isnt driving anymore!
R.Barrichello is driving for HONDA now!
Coulthard drives for Red Bull so you are a little out of date (although i dont really follow it now because i think it isnt as exciting as it used to be with the V10 engines, although i have been watching the rescent races with the Schumi and alonso battle!!!)

posted by  True_Brit

You'll probably find all of what you said is correct now, but not necessarily correct two years ago, when this thread was written...:laughing: :banghead:

Nobody notice the advert? :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

so really, im out of date, that occured to me sitting on the enamel thinking trumpet!!!!

posted by  True_Brit

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