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Hey Everyone,
Pretty new to this Forum -
But, wanted to share my opinions and experiences with everyone here who is into racing - especially dirt and openwheel racing.
Ever hear of Outlaw Karts? - These are HANDS DOWN, the most exciting racing I have ever witnessed (and I used to be a track photographer for sprint cars and midgets, so I've been around the block). This sport ain't just for kids way.... although they start way young.
The skills that these kids learn in this kind of racing makes them excel at all other types. Racers who have graduated from the Red Bluff Outlaws group include: Tommy Hubert (NASCAR) Michael Hubert III (BCRA Midgets), Roger Crocket (World of Outlaws and USAC) Sean Becker (Outlaws USAC) and now JJ Yeley, Tony Stewart, Ricky Rudd and dozens of others are racing these amazing machines.
If anyone is interested in more info let me know ... the worlds largest Outlaw Kart tour's website is here - tons of photo and info, links. These things are so exciting that even the big boys come back just to race them for the excitement.

posted by  NorCalWM

i get the feeling one of the admins is going to first say, "no advertising, and go introduce yourself"

posted by  Inygknok

I know ! .. .This forum is notorious for that.
But I'm not sure how they could imagine me posting an URL for a Non-Profit - Informational Site for a Racing Tour (where 50% of the drivers are under the age of 12) could possibly be seen as advertising.
Geez... I'm just trying to share my passion for this sport !
If this is really a forum about motorsports, then this is the EXACT place for this.
Go check it out - you won't believe how cool this stuff is.
You can't really get the full effect for the feel of the excitement from just pictures and a few short video clips - just like all racing - it has to be experienced in person.
Hope you all can check it out.

posted by  NorCalWM

Now this, this my friends is strait out advertising. Nuke it Bav :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Ok, That's it.
You boneheaded, egotistical morons wouldn't know what a Forum was for if it was spelled out for you. God... I can't believe the megalomaniac, egocentric, small minded, power-freaks all of you have turned out to be.

A note to all subscribers to this ridiculous pisant abortion that they call a forum.... Get Out Now.... while you have your dignity and before everyone starts laughing at you.

I've never attacked an individual on a forum, BUT .....You, Dodge Rida... what kinda nickname is that ??.... unless you are being sarcastic about my post being an advertisement... are a total ASS ..... but I suppose "you 'da man" .... geeeezz....... How can a Non-Profit, site about a non-profit tour for kids possibly, possibly EVER be advertising ... just cuz i'm new to your nauseating clique?

So, ya'll tell me just what this forum is for?... so you can sit and stroke your own egos, and play Super Moderator? ...

Forget it... you guys are soooo out of touch.. and I'm sooooo out of here...

Good luck to your feeble company, and organization, please realize that you are everything that is wrong with the internet - NO good has come from you forum, just ugliness and more ugliness - and I have no recourse to return the ugliness, and to make sure that EVERY car, kart, dragster, racing fan or enthusiast I know, and all the members of my forums, are informed about the travesty that is this forum.
Unless someone wants to personally apoligize for being an ass... then I'm terminating this forum account .. and I know your sponsors and advertisers would be mighty, mighty interested in know where they are wasting their money.

Goodbye, good luck.. you'll need it.

posted by  NorCalWM

No one nuked you thread, NorCalWM. The opinion of one individual on the forum is certainly not the opinion or attitude of the whole.

DodgeRida67 is not a moderator at this point and cannot nuke your thread nor does he direct me. You had such a tizzy about me nuking your link on another thread, I decided to leave this one alone and let the admin deal with it as he sees fit. So far it's lasted this long.

I do apologize for possibly having part in your unhappy time here. I hope you'll reconsider your above thoughts and come and join us in some conversation. We may learn from you and possibly you can learn something from us.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I don't know what to say or how to say it or where to start.

I do know this though - Bav, you sure can put up with a lot. Takes maturity not to go off on someone. I respect you for that. If it wasnt for the nice post you just made above this one, I'd......yeah.


This forum has rules. One of the rules are you cannot advertise. What you have just done in this thread is a clear violation of CF's forum rules. I do not care what so ever on your take of what you should or should not be able to do. The fact is your broke the rules and me or anyone else here besides yourself will not bend the rules for you. Breaking the rules here and anywhere else have there consciquences. In this case, it should be a deletion of this thread.

Do not come in here thinking you can break the rules.

Not only did you break the rules, you have made a complete ass and fool of yourself. If you feel compelled to leave because you cannot break the rules freely, adios and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Have a nice day. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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