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Any drag racers in here? By drag racers I mean at a sanctioned track. Not the street racing alot of people call drag racing.

posted by  Mykdiver

A little, but dont have a car for it at the moment. What class do you race in??

posted by  cinqyg

Pro Bracket right now, but I am looking at checking out some of the heads up classes.

posted by  Mykdiver

I have given up drag for now moved more into track racing find it more of a driving challenge, the amount of variation within strip racing is relatively low and always looking for the minor adjustment , seems to be more empasis on the driving . although im not that good at autograss its alot of fun.

Working on a new funny car racer, wont be that extreme as i need it as a street legal aswell but should be alot of fun. Its just a pannel van with a 440SP MOPAR engine and a 727 'glide midmounted in space frame chasis. Should be good for 450 -500hp and reliable enough to drive to race days.

posted by  cinqyg

Sounds good. I have been thinking of doing some Open Road Racing, like the Silver State Classic, or the Nevada Open Road Challenge.

posted by  Mykdiver

A street legal funny car? Yeah, sure, and next you'll want me to believe that Gary Scelzi drives his Stratus to the grocery store.

A what?

Newsflash! A "727" is a Mopar 3-speed automatic transmission and a "'glide" (short for Powerglide) is a GM 2-speed transmission. Which is it, it can't be both?

I think this post comes under the heading of blathering on to sound like one of the guys. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo


Vehicle: 96 Model 2 Door Impreza

Engine:EJ25 Turbo



Induction: Innovative T72, Custom MOOD Motorsport Intercooler

Internals: Forged pistons, billet conrods, copper head gaskets, O-Ringed head
& block, ported heads and custom camshafts

Ignition: DualMSD DIS-2's with coil pack

Exhaust: 3" Straight through

Engine Management: Microtech LTX-8

Boost Control: Turbonetics 42mm External wastegate


Clutch:Stage 5 - Clutch Kit w/ Iron Solid Hub Race Disc

Gearbox: 4 Speed Jerico

Diff: Shortened Ford 9" diff, Billet moser axles, Harrop alloy spool and carrier

:clap: :clap: :clap:


posted by  SCARECRW

:clap: :clap: :clap: http://www.motorsport.com.au/difilippowheelie.jpg

posted by  SCARECRW

What a waste of impreza! Those are AWD for a reason! A reason called RALLY.
Seriously, who makes a wrx rwd just to drag it >_x

Plus, its UGLY. No trunk lid. Haha. Nothing but roll cage-bar.LMAO
Different strokes, I guess.

Anywho, will someone lend me 6 grand for a rb26det swap? ^_^

posted by  b_DuB13


Y CAUSE WE :driving: LOVE CARS :driving: :smoke:

posted by  SCARECRW

Mykdiver, all the pics on your car Domain show you getting beaten!
What gives?

posted by  Godlaus

Ummmm... a street legal funny car :screwy: are pigs flying yet! sorry but a funny car on the road sounds very dubious to me

posted by  Lukaz

Hey i drag race. i just got into it last year, but have been going to the race track ever since i was 9 months old. i have grown up around it and my dad has been trying to get me to do it ever since 8 years old LOL. But i won 2 times runner up a metal and track champion. so i think i did pretty good for my first year. ne ways im 15 and i race so how old are you :thumbs:

posted by  NeverEnough324

That is cool. It is nice to hear young kids getting into drag racing. Good luck this season. :thumbs:

posted by  Mykdiver

Heyy I'm into drag racing too, been doing it for a few years, not easy to find areas in UK to drag, wondering to come to the US, know any good legit places??

posted by  Zenith

There are tons of places in every state.

posted by  Mykdiver

I've spent a fair share of time at the track...in the process of building up the 'Bird for possible bracket competition...it's a daily driver and I plan to keep it that way...I will be keying in on durability, reliability and safety....pretty much just going for a quick tough as nails street/strip car.


posted by  Sick88Tbird

That is not getting beaten, it is called bracket racing, the slower car gets a head start, then the faster car has to run them down. Both of the pics you are talking about on my Cardomain I won the race, then it rained out.

posted by  Mykdiver

Thats a bunch of BS. Theres no such thing as a street legal funny car. Take a look at any funny car, none of them are street legal.

I try to get to the track a few times a year. Dont get much of a chance but usually I just go for fun.

posted by  bigdaveangell

He said ge's working on it :banghead: If you did enough, I'm sure you could make just about anything street legal...

posted by  jedimario

It might be possible to put tail lights and other stuff on it to make it street legal but I havent seen a single funny car that can be driven on the street.

posted by  bigdaveangell

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