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Hi you guys,
I was wonderin if anyone could help me...

Long story short; I need to know (or know where/how to find out) what the average acceleration rate of a 4 cylinder car is..

ANY help would be SO appreciated.

posted by  LayzeeHayzee

That question is far too generalised. I understand that you want an average, but there's so many cars that differ so vastly, I wouldn't have thought an average would be much use! Assuming you mean 0-62 times; A Caterham7 will do this in about 4-seconds, and a Cevrolet Matiz (Aveo in the States?) will do it in about 15-seconds....:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Cars only use their rated horsepower when they are accelerating, which is not too often compared to the time spent going at a steady speed; so acceleration (and therefore peak power) hardly counts at all when it comes to gas mileage.

The typical 4 cylinder develops peak horsepower at much higher RPM than a V-8, so the baseline overhead/losses at typical idle and cruise speeds may be actually lower than half. (less than half the friction area at the rings; smaller, lighter valves)

posted by  zacknolden

He asked what the average acceleration of a 4-cylinder car is...That doesn't have anything to do with peak power, gas mileage, or 8-cylinder vehicles.

Also, torque is what makes a car accelerate, horsepower tells you how long it will accelerate.

posted by  chris_knows

transmission and gear ratios are what play the biggest part.

posted by  GreekWarrior

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