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hi everybody.

I need your help.

last week-end somebody dammaged my car and run off.
The car was a black convertible.
It was a 2 seater.
At the back there was a blue logo on the right side, siver writting across the arch.
the logo looks a bit like the ford one.
Any idea??
Any convertible with a blus logo on the side and not in the middle??
thank you

posted by  scotchyfr

Can you put up a pic?
It would help significantly...

posted by  chris_knows

Honestly what are the chances of finding the culprit on an international car forum?

Best go somewhere more local.

posted by  fudge

A bit of a longshot given you're more than likely in the USA, but TVR have logos similar to Ford...below is an image of one, although I believe newer models have blue logos, but I could not find one on Google images.

posted by  Cliffy

your best bet would have been to get his plate number...without that your kinda screwed

posted by  thrasher

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