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I was wondering how much it would cost to have my car painted. Right now it's black, and I think I'm going to have it repainted black. But I was thinking about silver or bright STi blue, as well. I was just wondering how much I can expect to pay in any case. I realize it would cost less to repaint it black, but I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do. Holla back!

posted by  Patrick

25 dollars... poff can is the best way to go... haha no, j/k... depends where you go... prices range

posted by  mazda6man

I understand your motivation to provide the most finite details, but next time, be a little bit more general. I'm just looking for ballpark numbers.

posted by  Patrick

A quick Maaco type synthetic enamel paint job tends to run about $250, but it looks like crap unless YOU do a lot of prep work before hand and evn then, it only looks good for a while as it's done with the cheapest paint out there).

Just the materials cost for a decent repaint will actually cost double that figure, and then you have to ad teh labor to do it right. Expect about $1000-$1500 to respray in the same color, and $1500-3000 to change colors, depending on quality of mateials, and level of prep and detail (door jambs, under hood and trunk, etc).

posted by  ChrisV

Got the estimate for a paint job on my car. $1560 to keep it black, and around $1800 to change the color. I want something flashy and interesting, but not ricey and tacky. Any advice, folks?

posted by  Patrick

What's up? do you think you can tell me a cheap place where i can get my paint job for my car done at because i dont have a job at the moment and my parents are paying for all the stuff i put into my car and they dont want me to spend to much! Please help with car paint job estimates.

posted by  hondaaccord15

hey whats up? wheres the cheapest place i can get a paint job done at?

posted by  hondaaccord15

Maaco, but with paint jobs, you usually get what you pay for.

posted by  Satty101

A good paint job, one that will last, one done right to near showroom quality, everything repainted, will blow your socks off. I'm talking 6-8 grand. Some will even run over 10K if your painting an entire shell. It's crazy. Painting costs sicken me. I realize people don't have the right equipment, time, or skills and know how to do it themselves but it seems to be the only way.

I can't wait to get through with the painting of my car. What a pain in the ass. I'm going to hate it.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Does that include full body resto like rotted fenders and dents?

Kwitts   06 Feb 2012 21:24

i had my car repainted, it cost me about 10 grand, it was red i had it painted gunmetal grey with orange grill mesh, spoiler, side mirrors, and also had an aftermarket front end put on, but all in all in all that was worth it, best quality paint job i can get, will last me atleast 10 years of non garage kept, but i always have mine in the garage, it also would be cheaper if u didnt get ur door jams painted but i had it done anyways, grey car with red jams would look like shit. it also took a long as time almost a month if they do it right and take their time, u also need to pay to have every dent removed or it will make ur paint job look like shit.

codydanger   18 Mar 2012 22:44

i work at a body shop and it will run you from $1500 to about 3000 for a nice paint job now most people dont know this but sanding down a car is not hard to do you can sand down your own car yourself and pay a pro to paint it for you for about $200 you might save alot of money that way but then again people are so lazy and be like it hard and end up paying about $2000 do the math sand it yourself and end up spending about $1200 or be lazy and end up spending $2000

syffree   20 Jul 2012 02:11

Wow my car has some dents in it.. Do those have to be fixed first?

95blackACintegra   24 Aug 2012 03:49

any advice on how to sand the car..grit # of sand paper and best way to do it

phoebe   14 Aug 2012 01:29

I have a VW Beetle '69 and i used 200 to sand it

Lenin   10 Dec 2012 00:55

Some of you people amaze me I paint and run a shop and I know that if someone wants to do prep work before bringing it my shop then I won't warranty anything but if we do it all then we will gladly warranty your paint job for the life you own the car and my price starts at 3500 and go up from there depending on changing colors and spraying jambs and everything

experienced painter   06 Jan 2013 19:09

experienced painter is the concept of painting a car the same as a tractor (big rig) can a good body shop do it?

DMJ   27 Jan 2013 03:48

I think it depends what is being painted, I got a quote to paint a smokey and the bandit trans am and they wanted 10k plus as its black, part fiberglass, rare etc. The same paintjob on a VH commodore would be likely around 3k-4k. I suspect a lot of that price comes down to the desire of the panel shop, if they think its a hard job they jack up the price. Well thats my experience.

Craig   27 Jan 2013 03:58

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