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I have a small size European car ('97 Skoda Felicia) 1.3 liter, carburetor engine. Nothing fancy about it, a normal car with power booster and disc/drum brakes.

My problem is this: with car stationary and engine idling, if I depress the brake pedal several times in a QUICK succession, the engine will stall. Everything is fine under normal driving conditions, the brakes are strong, braking is effortless, exactly as it should.

I couldn't find anywhere a reasonable explanation and cause of this issue.

Can you help?
Thank you.

posted by  masster

Firstly, you car doesn't have a Carb, it has Single Point Injection. Similar in the look under the bonnet, not not a Carb.

To be honest this isn't uncommon, especially if the engine idles slightly slower than the norm (700 or 800rpm). It's the same as when you use electrical items such as lights and A/C in some cases, as you are using more of the car's systems, you're using more energy from it. I don't think you need worry, just don't keep pumping the brakes!

posted by  Cliffy

My car has a carburetor made by Pierburg (model 2E3).
See photo below of my engine with air filter removed.
http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/9270/p1030307t.th.jpg (http://img822.imageshack.us/i/p1030307t.jpg/)

posted by  masster

what is happening is your gettin a vapor lock because your getting just enough fuel to keep car running but not enough to over power vapor lock so it stalls try tweaking your throttle cable just a bit for a small increase of gas this should eliminate the problem
That is why when braking you stall

dcrouser   23 Dec 2012 01:42

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