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I own an 04 accent 1.6l. My e-brake was working without issue. I had to change the back drum brake as they were low. Replace with drums, shoes, and spring set. Found I had a leaky wheel cylinder and ended up replacing both, as they are problematic on these cars. Put everything back together, readjusted the e-brake cable and adjuster wheel.

Now when I apply the ebrake, the handle gets stiff but does not stop the car at all. The cable moves freely and engages. My car only has a 2 piece cable line. ONe from either wheel that connects to the lever. Lines are not siezed or caught up and can see they engage when I remove the drums. Can see they get pushed out.

So what is going on? ANy ideas? Can the line be stretched and not apply them hard?

Thanks for any help. Like using it and knowing its there in case something happens.

posted by  sean_hawn19

Does the handbrake hold the car from rolling? You say it doesn't stop the car, I assume you mean hold it on a hill as opposed to stop it whilst driving? If the latter, it's not meant for this and might seem ineefective, but what seems to not work at speed it probably adequate at a standstill!

posted by  Cliffy

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