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Greetings folks,

I have not been on here in a while but thought I would give this site a try for a current issue that I am having.....

I have a 1994 SHO with the automatic (ATX) and past couple of times I have driven it, I have noticed that the starter has dragged just like the battery is starting to go and lose is cranking amperage. I have just recently replaced the alternator and I have checked that and it is working fine. Yesterday, I went over to my storage garage where I keep the SHO, and went to crank it, and even though she stays on a trickle charger, the starter engaged but did not have enough power to turn it over quick enough to start it, but it tried and then I got the clicking noise which I assumed was either the relay, or the solenoid. I own 9 cars and I am very mechanical, so this screamed battery issues to me especially considering the fact it has been dragging the last couple times driven. I checked the battery cable connections and they were tight and clean appearing. I then attempted to jump the car from a jump box yielding only a click. I then tried using the battery in my Durango 5.9 R/T to no avail either. I thought this was a little odd, so I took the battery to the local NAPA and it tested bad. I replaced it with a new one only to find the same click.

At this point, I have jumped the cars from 3-4 other vehicles of mine, I have jumped the car from the cables with no battery hooked up to another known good battery and it will not do anything else but click. My assumptions at this point are that either my battery cables are bad and I have a bad connection somewhere (they have never been replaced). I have a bad relay somewhere that is not functioning or the starter/solenoid is gone.

The car is stuck in my shop and not my house garage which means working on this is going to mean transporting all of my tools to another location from home. I am looking for some troubleshooting guidance as in what to check before going to the effort of ripping the starter out which does NOT look easy. It is wedged between the front lower subframe and the engine and getting to it looks like an act of Houdini.

Is there a relay on this car somewhere? When I turn the key, I hear NOTHING at the starter. I hear a relay trip when I turn it to start. I have full power to all over electrical controls on the car. headlights, brake lights, interior, you name it. I fiddled with everything battery I could think of and to NO avail.

Is there anyone out there that knows these SHO's really well and what components of the starting system are prone to issues? I believe that this is the original starter in the car. I am wondering if all the years of oil from the oil filter changes running down on the solenoid have done it in. Any guidance on what simple things to check first specific to this car would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks guys!!


posted by  cmeseadoin

Fixed! Starter replaced. Back in service. Glad I was not waiting around for anyone's feedback. LOL!

posted by  cmeseadoin

Hi, I am sorry you did not receive a timely reply but I stumbled across this while searching for answers to the problem with our SHO. It would run fine when cold then once it warmed, say a run to the store, it would not start for about 20 minutes. Following all kinds of advice we replaced, 1st: the ignition module, 2nd: the fuel pump, 3rd: the FUEL INJECTION IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE (we really thought this fixed it because it ran well for a couple days before it started acting up again) It then completely died and though the engine cranks it doesn't turn over, 4th: the CCRM constant control relay module. Still nothing. I suspect it's the starter, my husband has have to replace it twice since we own it but he really doesn't think it's the starter this time....and as you point out it is a real hassel to reach it. Anyways, I was hoping you had some advice and maybe we can converse about other SHO issues in the future. Thank you!

posted by  mkeys12@q.com

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